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Suitable for hair care in order to prevent and stop hair loss, and regulate the levels of oil in the scalp. Specially formulated for straight hair, fragile, brittle and dull, and that repairs and revitalizes hair follicles and strengthens and restores damaged structure, activating its growth.


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  • Texture:Solution
  • Treatment area:Hair
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    Taking care of our hair is very important. We offer shampoos, lotions, masks and nutrition cosmetics for hair care. There are hair treatments to control dandruff and grease, stop hair loss, increase glossiness and volume, improve nutrition and hydration.


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Taurine 100%, cegaba 0.5% zinc gluconate Quinine, Sophora angustifolia extract 0.10%.

Shake before use. Apply lotion to dry hair in drops on the scalp and give a gentle massage with fingertips. Do not rinse. The daily dose is 2 ml equivalent to 12 sprays. Is advisable to administer six sprays at night and 6 in the morning. Keep the application for at least 4 months. Then treatment is recommended as maintenance, with a frequency of 2 or 3 times a week for several months. To improve and accelerate results it can be complement treatment or Kavel M and Seskavel Plus Capsules and Anti hair loss shampoo Seskavel.Agitar antes de usar. Con el cabello seco, aplique la loción a  modo de gotas sobre el cuero cabelludo y dé un suave masaje con layema de los dedos. No enjuagar. La dosis diaria es de 2ml que equivalen a 12 vaporizacion es. Se aconseja administrar 6 vaporizaciones por la noche y 6 por la mañana. Mantenga la aplicación como mínimo durante 4 meses. Después, resulta aconsejable un tratamiento de mantenimiento, con una frecuencia de 2 ó 3 veces a la semana durante varios meses. Para mejorar y acelerar los resultados se puede complementar el tratamiento con Seskavel Plus Cápsulas o Kavel M Cápsulas y Seskavel Champú Anticaída.

Cegaba (Carboxyethyl gamma-aminobutiryc acid)

Cegaba is an active ingredient that prolongs the growth phase of hair, strengthens hair follicles and decreases the production of dandruff and scalp sebum. It is normally used in cosmetic dermatology products designed for hair care and treatment of alopecia.

Sophora Angustifolia Extract

Sophora angustifolia extract significantly reduces tyrosinase and 5 alpha reductase. It has lightening and sebum regulating effects. It is able to reduce the transfer of melanin, like other known active substances such as niacinamide and hydroquinone. It is effective in treatments of skin pigmentation.


Taurine is one of the most abundant amino acids in the human body. It is an antioxidant. It protects the retina from the effects of ultraviolet rays. It accelerates cell regeneration. It combats high blood pressure and prevents heart disease. It helps reduce cholesterol and prevents age-related cataracts.


Zinc is an essential nutrient. It is found in cells throughout the body. It helps the immune system to neutralise bacteria and viruses. Zinc is useful for generating proteins and DNA. Zinc promotes healing of wounds. Zinc also helps maintain healthy skin.

It contains ingredients that provide strengthening and hair growth properties as well as antiseborrhoeic, protective and antioxidants properties . The result would be a hair that grows healthy, strong, thick and shiny. Thanks to its content of cegaba which stimulates and prolongs hair growth phase and strengthens the hair follicle, making it more resistant and stopping hair loss. It also helps decrease the amount of oil and dandruff on the scalp. The TAURINA provides protective and antioxidant properties, repairing damaged hair, preventing deformation and encouraging the growth of healthy hair. In order to control sebum we incorporated both zinc and ANGUSTIFOLIA SOPHORA extract. Both ingredients exert an antimicrobial effect, conditioner and soothing on the scalp. In addition it would bring shine to the hair, preventing it from becoming brittle and preventing its loss. To provide strengthening properties we added QUININE this reinforces hair structure and stimulates growth.

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Seskavel – SESDERMA

Key Ingredients

Cegaba (Carboxyethyl gamma-aminobutiryc acid), Sophora Angustifolia Extract, Taurine, Zinc

Skin Concern

Hair Care, Hair Loss

Skin Conditions

Hair Care, Hair Loss

Treatment area



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