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Liposomed non greasy solar sunscreen with a light texture. SPF 50 UVA / UVB / IR-A. As the skin is protected the cellular DNA is also being repaired. Contains photolyase, repair enzymes that are activated by visible sunlight. As they are encapsulated in liposomes, they penetrate to deeper levels of the skin, and ensures maximum protection thanks to the cutting edge physical and chemical filters.


  • Texture:Solution
  • Treatment area:Face
  • Family: REPASKIN


    Fotoprotection repaskin is a sunscreen that prevents many skin problems such as: burns, stains and even melanomas.
    Sesderma's sunscreens also repair the damage caused by the sun. They contain damage repair enzymes to offset the damage solar radiation causes skin DNA.


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Physical, chemical and biological filters (green tea, ergothioneine and silymarin), DNA repair enzymes: Photolyases and endonucleases.

Apply generously 30 minutes before sun exposure, performing a light massage on the face. Repeat every 2 hours with prolonged sun exposure.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is the oldest medicinal plant grown. Green tea extract has anti free radical activity (antioxidant), it protects cells, is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. It is used for atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. Although one of its main uses is preventing photoaging.


L-ergothioneine is a potent antioxidant, which acts at a mitochondrial level. Humans consume this low molecular weight substance in their diet and it accumulates in cells subjected to high levels of oxidative stress. It is a natural amino acid of plant origin. It is part of the protective function of the skin. It has marked antioxidant and radical scavenging properties.

Microccocus Liposomes

DNA repair enzymes. It detects DNA damage (caused by solar radiation) and repairs it, preventing possible cell mutations that cause in tumours. Due to its encapsulation in nanoliposomes is able to reach the place where it is needed: the nucleus of the cell. It is extracted from Micrococcus Lisate

Phytosphingosine Liposomes

Phytosphingosine is present in the surface layers of the skin. It helps keep skin clean, fresh and calms the effects of inflammation. It helps eliminate pimples and blackheads, slows and regulates sebum hypersecretion. It is used in acne treatment. It is antiseborrhoeic. In liposomes it is more effective.

Plankton Liposomes

DNA repair enzymes. It detects DNA damage (caused by solar radiation) and repairs it, preventing possible cell mutations that cause in tumours. Encapsulated in nanoliposomes this active substance is able to reach the place where it is needed: the nucleus of the cell. It is extracted from plankton.


SPF (Sun Protection Factor) determines the power of a sunscreen product. It represents a time factor which delays sunburn under neutral conditions for a sun radiating UVB and UVA and an amount of sunscreen product applied to the skin of 2 mg / cm ².

Counteracts the damaging effects of UV radiation, our skin is equipped with a complex defense system that neutralizes UV radiation naturally, but most of the time this is not sufficient. When UV radiation from sunlight reaches the skin and arrive to our cells it can form thymine dimers that distort and alter the DNA structure. Therefore it is important to restore the structure of DNA that has been damaged.

RepaskinFotoprotector SPF 50 is a liposomed pre sun photo-repairer that incorporates physical, chemical and biological sun filters. Micronized titanium dioxide provides superior adherence without the whitening effect, green tea, ergothioneine and silymarin reduce erythema thanks to their powerful antioxidant actions and phytosphingosine restores the barrier function of the stratum corneum. The key is adding liposomed repair enzymes (photolysis and endonucleases) giving a photo-protector that for the first time is able to repair cell damage and protect the skin while sunbathing.

Based on nanotechnology, a technological revolution in the service of dermatology. Thanks to nanotechnology the transport of DNA repair enzymes to the deepest layers of the skin is possible. Nano sized liposomes have an excellent tolerance due to their composition being similar to that of cell membranes. In this way it Endonucleases and Photolyases reach their target.

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Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 5 cm





Repaskin – SESDERMA

Key Ingredients

Green Tea Extract, L-ergothioneine, Microccocus Liposomes, Phytosphingosine Liposomes, Plankton Liposomes, SPF

Skin Conditions

Damage Skin

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