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Reducing the skin’s imperfections:
Promotes the production of collagen and elastin through the natural auto-repair mechanisms of the skin.


  • Type of Packaging:NANO-PEN
  • Treatment area:FACE
  • Family: CRPLAB

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1. Reducing the skin’s imperfections:
Promotes the production of collagen and elastin through the natural auto-repair mechanisms of the skin.
2. Enhancing the effectiveness of the active ingredients:
Transports active ingredients to the deepest layers of the skin, thus enhancing the treatment’s effectiveness.
3. Improving the communication between skin cells:
Sends out signals that increase the communication between the cells responsible for maintaining the barrier function, pigmentation, collagen and elastin in our skin.
4. Made up of silicon. (99.9999%)
5. Silicon needles individual measuring about 150‐80μm basediameter and fabricated on array of 3×3 mm (100needles).




1. Clean the face thoroughly
2. Put skin care product on the face
3. Use Nano Pen for 10-15 minutes
4. Put a skin care mask


· Do not stay on the same place more than 3 seconds
· Not more than 3 times treatment in the same area
· Not more than 3 times a week


* Use twice a week / Use appropriately according to skin condition

directions for use_glaciar hydration_50ml 10121

– Nanotip is a single use product

– Do not press skin during the treatment (Rub your skin softly)

– Prohibit to use for other purposes except skin care product inducer

– Pay attention for duplicate or similar product

* Nano tip’s expiration date is 2 years from manufactured date


1- Increases transdermal penetration
Microperforation of the stratum corneum increases the permeability and penetration of active ingredients. Micro-holes close in 10 minutes.

2- Repairs the dermal matrix
Increases the production of collagen by means of natural skin repair mechanisms.

3- Improves intercellular communication :
Produces signs that improve intercellular communication (crosstalk) responsible for preserving the barrier function, pigmentation, elasticity of the collagen fivers and elastin in the skin.


1. Physical and mechanical stimulus
– The inflammatory cascade (release of interleukins, cytokines and growth factors) activates the production of collagen and elastin

– Improves communication between dermis and epidermis (keratinocyte and melanocyte) increasing signals through the dermal-epidermal connectors.

– Improves intercellular communication

2. Combination with serum with growth factors

– Lubricates needles – reduces pain and epidermal trauma

– Individual treatment – growth factors cocktail

– Transport of active ingredients to dermal and epidermal levels

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